Recipe Keep


Recipe Keep is an easy to use way of storing your recipes, searching your recipes and sharing them!
Storing & Searching
You will have access to all recipes that you store within the application. To make your recipes even easier to recover, we made it easy for you to search by name, meal type, meat type (if any) and any recipe that has a cooking time less than what you specify. Did I mention its unlimited and free?

As you build your recipe library, random personal suggestions of meals will start to appear from your own library1.

If you love a recipe and know you're going to be revisiting it frequently, just add it to your favorites!

You don't need to leave the app to do your conversions, with the built in converter for volume, weight and temperature, you won't need to use another app alongside it.

Save Links
Any link saved into a recipe, or shared to the app, can be displayed inside the app without having to leave it2. No need to copy over information from the website to the app!

Nutrition Checker
Now you can scan barcodes from foods and get nutritional information about them. Powered by the Open Food Facts database ( 2


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April 30, 2024

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