We have set a mission that Nirby should accomplish : to change the way people perceive their environment and live within it building for more collaborative and smarter cities and at the same time help professionals in their digital transformation. So using the collaborative community platform we are offering our users, for each one of them, we want the Nirby experience to be unique, adapted to his/her desires and interests and taking advantage of the opportunities present near to him/her or near a position interesting him/her. All of this within an active community of users building smart cities by exchanging, in real time, relevant information about their environment.
Our users' experience is enriched thanks to some information we can get from the OpenData sources that are accessible to the public. So we take advantage of the Toulouse-Metropole OpenData to inform our users about interesting events they have nearby. These events can be cultural, sporting events, scientific events,...
Nirby can be also used to promote commercial events and marketing campaigns like a storekeeper offering a discount or announcing a new collection or a restaurateur offering a cup of wine for the 10 first customers (the digital transformation).
We will, in a near future, make use of OpenData information of other cities than Toulouse.
More information on : www.nirbyapp.com


Discussion between the organization and the community about this dataset.