Volumes mensuels d'électricité (MWh) échangés entre responsables d'équilibre (RE) sur la bourse EPEX SPOT, en France, la veille pour livraison le lendemain (J-1).

Volumes of electricity exchanged : focus on the EPEX SPOT exchange (2014 to 2015)

Volumes of electricity (MWh) exchanged between balance responsible entities (BRE) on the EPEX SPOT exchange, in France, the day before for delivery the next day (D-1).

Keywords : Electricity,  Market, Annual Report



Export au format CSV

Mois: mois[date] MoisMonth Volume Spot (MWh): volume_spot[double]

Export au format JSON

Mois: mois[date] MoisMonth Volume Spot (MWh): volume_spot[double]


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