pynsee python package - tools to easily search and download data from INSEE and IGN


pynsee package contains tools to easily search and download data from INSEE and IGN.

pynsee gives a quick access to more than 150 000 macroeconomic series, a dozen datasets of local data, numerous sources available on as well as key metadata and SIRENE database containing data on all French companies. Have a look at the detailed API page

This package is a contribution to reproducible research and public data transparency. It benefits from the developments made by teams working on APIs at INSEE and IGN.

  • Macroeconomic data :
    First, use get_dataset_list to search what are your datasets of interest and then get the series list with get_series_list. Alternatively, you can make a keyword-based search with search_macrodata, e.g. search_macrodata('GDP'). Then, get the data with get_dataset or get_series

  • Local data : use first get_local_metadata, then get data with get_local_data

  • Metadata : e.g. function to get the classification of economic activities (Naf/Nace Rev2) get_activity_list

  • Sirene (French companies database) : use first get_dimension_list, then use search_sirene with dimensions as filtering variables

  • Geodata : get the list of available geographical data with get_geodata_list and then retrieve it with get_geodata

  • Files on get the list of available files on with get_file_list and then download it with download_file

For further advice, have a look at the documentation and gallery of examples.


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