What can we do with opened shampoos?

Creating graphs takes only a few clicks. A few shampoos have less than 10 ingredients, most have more than 20, some have 40.

Besides E numbers for food additives like E951 for Aspartame, ingredients lists for food products are mostly understandable. But if you look at the ingredients list for your shampoos, you will need to speak Latin, to be a Chemist and have access to databases of molecules codes to understand what's in it. Open Beauty Facts aims to decrypt those ingredients: not only call water "water" instead of "aqua", but point out which chemicals can be potentially dangerous.

The data we collect can help people to find shampoos that are good for them (without specific allergens for instance) without having to read hundreds of labels in a supermarket.

Having the data in a database also makes it very easy to compare shampoos and their ingredients, so that you can have more information to decide which ones to buy.


Discusión entre la organización y la comunidad sobre este conjunto de datos.