List of fish stocks referenced for the year 2018. The repository includes 477 stocks. Each stock is identified by a unique key in accordance with the ICES codification in use. Each record contains a stock identifier, a species or group of species identifier according to the ASFIS/FAO classification, the English stock name, the Latin name of the species, the assessment area according to the FAO codification of fishing sectors. When the stock assessment area groups a series of sectors, the first and last sectors in the series are separated by a dash.


The stock repository was built on the basis of an inventory with RFMOs (ICES, ICCAT, NAFO, GFCM, etc.) of the fisheries species of interest being monitored and/or evaluated. The codifications used refer to FAO nomenclatures ASFIS for species (ALPHA-3 codification) and Major Fishing Areas for fishing sectors.

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